Malissa Kiss Project Go-See 146

Sunday, 14th February 2016

Last December, Malissa Kiss, a skincare and makeup brand from Thailand, invited me and 7 other blogger friends to visit Bangkok, Thailand and their headquarters! Since they wanted to keep most of the itinerary as a surprise for us, we didn’t exactly know what to expect during the trip. But from what they told us, I knew then it would be amazing!


After getting off our plane, we were immediately driven to our hotel in Somerset Sukhumvit Thonglor, which is set in one of the most beautiful and upscale areas in Bangkok. Then after getting checked-in and acquainted with our beautiful hotel rooms, we were told to get ready for a dinner out. This was the beautiful view and set-up that greeted us upon arrival at the restaurant!


The girls and I woke up extra early the next morning hours before our actual call time to maximize our time in Thailand and to cross a few tourist spots off our list!


If you’re planning to visit The Grand Palace, no matter how scorching the weather is, definitely don’t wear something sleeveless like I did. I felt like I was in the Legends of the Hidden Temple, hiding from the temple guards cause I wanted to take a photo without the cover-up they made me wear at the entrance. HAHA!


With Vina, Kat, Rhea, Raiza, and Sophie. heart


We were then treated to an authentic thai feast for lunch! It was crazy spicy though! Good thing we also had thai iced tea to save our mouths from burning!


We got to visit Malissa Kiss’ headquarters, meet the people behind the brand, and try out all their products! I’m really digging their eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and the mineral aqua mud foam! Been using the eyebrow pencil for some time now and it’s become part of my everyday makeup! It has a sword cut and a spoolie brush for a nice application. Their eyeliner is also great! It has a good tip that doesn’t splay out over time and is super precise! My only gripe with it is that it’s not completely waterproof. Their mineral aqua mud foam caught my attention too cause the product comes out totally black! It acts like a cleanser/ mask and it leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized at the same time! Unlike others that makes my skin dry. Also, it detoxifies!


For dinner, we went to Chocolate Ville! It felt like a food theme park with the adorable, cozy, small town kind of vibe. Most importantly, the food was amaziiiiing!


Since it was our last night, we were treated to a night out! It was really cool to see how different the Bangkok night scene was from Manila’s! Had a ton of fun!


Don’t know how we even managed to still wake up early despite sleeping at around 4am the day before. Must have been the need to shop! We went for a quick morning dip, ate brunch at our hotel, then took a bath and was out the door for some last minute shopping and a quick stroll through BKK!


I’ll definitely be back for the food and the shopping! A huge thank you to the Malissa Kiss team for this amazing trip and for taking care of us!

Check out Malissa Kiss Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to see the official video of our trip and to get first dibs on the products! heart

Credits to Raiza for taking my photos and to Rhea for our group photo!