My Miggo Strap

Thursday, 6th August 2015


My problem with dslrs is that they are so bulky. Having a dslr bag makes it even bulkier. I hate carrying two bags (my main bag + dslr bag) when I go out to take blog photos all the time. So, for the longest time, I’ve been on the lookout for some sort of slimmer protective bag/case.

When My Miggo sent me this strap, I was thrilled to find out that it acts as both a strap and a protective case! So what I do now is that after shooting, I just wrap it around the camera and put it inside my bag. Thus effectively solving my 2 bag dilemma! The only con for me is that the strap is a bit too long on my torso. Other than that, it works great for me! Tested this strap out on a couple of trips too and it is so convenient! Check out the photos below to see how it works!


Thanks to My Miggo Philippines for sending this!

They are available in Hobbes & Landes BGC, Hobbes & Landes Greenbelt 5, Landmark Makati, YKL Fujifilm Megamall, YKL Fujifilm UP Town, YKL Fujifilm QC, Shutter Master Pro QC, Aperture Makati and on Lazada!