FILED Bloggers Tea Party

Saturday, 7th June 2014

FILED Bloggers Assembly

Back in high school, I remember that the only thing that excited me about school opening was the thought of being able to buy new, pretty school supplies! I’m such a sucker for pretty notebooks, pens, etc., and i’ve always been a fan of FILED’s products. I even remember buying my own FILED folder for school! So when they emailed me about a bloggers assembly tea party, how could I say no? A tea party plus FILED products? Sold!

The venue was set at the very london-inspired restaurant, The Royal Picadilly where we were introduced to FILED’s new campaign, “Topnotch!” The campaign is all about helping you rise above challenges and being topnotch in your own way. They even had students from different schools who are excelling in their particular fields represent them as brand ambassadors. We were also introduced to their new products for 2014.

FILED Bloggers Assembly

FILED has a variety of organizers. They have planners, notebooks, folders, pencil cases, etc.! Whether you’re a student or just a very-OC person, you’re sure to find something perfect for you!

FILED Bloggers Assembly

This is their pocket wallet. What I really love about it is the mini slot in front for easy storage of your loose change!

FILED Bloggers AssemblyIMG_7842 copyFILED Bloggers AssemblyFILED Bloggers AssemblyFILED Bloggers Assembly

The carrier folder. It is multi-functional so you can even store your laptop, documents, etc.! The straps are even detachable so you can wear it messenger-style or backpack-style!

FILED Bloggers AssemblyFILED Bloggers AssemblyFILED Bloggers AssemblyFILED Bloggers AssemblyFILED Bloggers AssemblyFILED Bloggers Assembly

The flip folder. Store your daily documents in one of the pockets or leave it on the clipboard!

FILED Bloggers AssemblyFILED Bloggers AssemblyFILED Bloggers AssemblyFILED Bloggers Assembly

The linknotes. It comes with a removable leatherette jacket cover and 5 filler notebooks which are linkable through their pockets! I wish they had this when I was still in first year college!

FILED Bloggers Assembly

With my lovely tablemates Rej, Ava, Charlene, and Chelsea!

FILED Bloggers Assembly

I got to take home these pretty products from FILED! I really like this particular shade of pink, obviously! Haha! Isn’t it just so pretty?

FILED Bloggers Assembly

The catcher folder. It has 3 types of fillers inside. A pen holder filler, a clipboard filler, and a mini accordion filler!

FILED Bloggers Assembly

The keeper folder. It has 10 accordion compartments and a detachable strap. Perfect for when you need to carry a lot of documents!

FILED Bloggers Assembly

Lastly, this is the pen roller. The left pencil case is even detachable for when you want to keep it simple. This is so perfect for artists and designers!

Their products are all pretty and yet, super functional! What more could you ask for?

Check out their facebook and their website to see more details of the products!

Thanks to Mileng Valencia for inviting me! heart