HK Visual Journal Day 2

Thursday, 29th December 2011

The weather in Hong Kong was freezing! During our stay there, it was about 11-15 degrees outside so I was able to experiment with layering more. We didn’t really visit the tourist attractions anymore since we’ve been to Honk Kong quite a few times already. We ended up just shopping and eating there! Haha!

This is what we did during our second day there.

(Vintage jacket/ The Ramp collared blouse/ F21 sweater/ Tomato loafers/ Deux gold weaved bracelet *Watch out for the release!*)

merge2 P1190107 copy newer1 newer2 P1190089 copy P1190086 copy P1190093 copy P1190088 copy P1190096copy P1190098 copy newer P1190103 copy P1190108 copy P1190111 copy P1190129 copy P1190131 copy P1190160 copy P1190168 copy P1190170 copy P1190175 copy P1190179 copy P1190185 copy P1190183 copy P1190192 copy Shoutout to my bestie, Iris, who has just come back from Korea! If you’re reading this, hello! :))