Saturday, 27th February 2016

If you haven’t heard yet, is now online! has just been rebranded as! Yep, after years of waiting, we can finally get our hands on all the Sephora goodies in Manila! I’m sure all the makeup and skincare-obsessed girls here are celebrating! I, for one, am super excited to get to try those hard to get makeup and skincare brands! Yay!

With that, they’ve also sent me a package full of products to test!


They sent a bunch of stuff from brands like Balance Me, Mirenesse, This Works, Alpha H, Nude Stix, Winky Lux, Benefit, and LAQA & Co.! So far, these are what I’m loving:


Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Creme
I get suckered into buying things with great packaging as a graphic designer and totally judge a product with bad packaging. I admit that this packaging doesn’t look great, but you shouldn’t let that hinder you. It works so amazingly for dry hands! My hands get easily dry when I sit in the office all day and this stuff just moisturises my hands so nicely! It doesn’t feel sticky and my skin just sucks it right up. Plus, I don’t have to keep reapplying. I keep it in my office and use it everyday now! I personally love the scent, but if you have a super picky nose, this may not work that great for you. 


This Works In Transit Reviving Shower Gel
This shower gel just smells super lovely and so relaxing! Makes me wanna stay in the shower a little longer. It’s infused with bergamot, lime, and ho wood essential oils. My skin also feels really moisturised and soft after! I use this from time to time when I feel like de-stressing.


Nude Stix in Dirty Blonde
This is an eyebrow pencil that has an eyebrow gel on the other end. I love to use this when I’m feeling all fancy and need my eyebrows to look a little neater. What’s nice is that the gel doesn’t make my eyebrows feel stiff and unnatural. It also applies on really nicely and is easy to control. This is great for people with thick and sometimes unruly eyebrows!

That’s it for my mini review! currently has a few brands up, but they’ll be getting more and more brands up on their site soon! I’m hoping Tarte will be up there soon! What brand are you most excited about?

Go check out their new website at and follow their on Instagram for updates on new brands!