BRGR The Burger Project

Sunday, 5th August 2012

Good news to all Lasallians/ Benildeans! The Burger Project is the newest kind of make-your-own-burger restaurant to open in Grand Towers, near Taft! I was lucky enough to be invited to do a food review with Raiza and Kat!


So first off, the interior! As soon as I stepped inside the place, I immediately fell in love with it! The place just has this happy and inviting vibe that makes you hungry at the same time. I like how it looks very clean and yet, it manages to feel very fun and fresh at the same time because of the words written all over the walls.

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Now, on to the food! What I really loved about this restaurant is that they only use the freshest and the highest of quality of ingredients! In fact, their burger patty doesn’t have any fillers in it! What’s even more awesome is that they even cater to vegetarians with their tofu patty. Now you don’t have to worry about that one vegetarian friend of yours if you’re eating in BRGR!

P1290895 P1290884

For my order, I chose a 100% beef burger with a Brioche Bun and chedder, sauteed mixed mushrooms, and lettuce as add-ons, with the Special BRGR Sauce! I also ordered a strawberry milkshake for my drink and onion rings for my side dish. Whew!

I really recommend the Brioche Bun! It can be compared to an ensaymada in terms of softness. Can you believe that all their buns are homemade? The patty was just the way I liked! It wasn’t too salty in taste like how some burgers are. I also loved the onion rings because they tasted like legit onion rings and they weren’t very measly in size like how others are. The milkshake was good too and really went well with the burger!

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Overall, it was a good meal! Even though the price range is a little higher, I guarantee that the gastronomic adventure you’ll have is just worth every penny!

Thanks to Chris and Carl for inviting us!