PFW: Oxygen Show

Thursday, 7th June 2012

Every season, I wonder how Oxygen just keeps on getting better and better! This collection is by far one of Oxygen’s best! I love how they stayed true to the monochromatic Oxygen colors but addded a hint of color here and there. This collection is all about clean lines, graphic prints, pops of colors, and hints of mod pieces. I especially loved those printed pants and mod-inspired blouses! I’m defintely heading there the first chance I get.

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PS. I recommend going to their Trinoma branch since it’s their biggest one. Plus, they just renovated it!

Thanks to Edryan Lorenzo of Connect Agency for the tickets!

| Gold Dot hair cuff | Mango blazer | Haji Lane, Singapore top | The Ramp shorts | SM Parisian heels |

Photos mostly from Raiza, some from myself, and some from Miko Carreon. Haha!