School girl/ school boy outfit

Monday, 5th March 2012

Funny story about this skirt. I randomly found it in my closet one day. It looked nice, but I had no idea where it came from. I then had it altered to make it fit better. When I wore it to this shoot with Raiza, I then found out it belonged to her. Haha! I must have accidentally taken it home by mistake during Status’ Yard Sale.

I tried to incorporate a bit of menswear into this look with the velvet bow tie. Made it myself! What do you think?

IMG_0504 IMG_0577 copy bow IMG_0495 IMG_0508 IMG_0542 IMG_0514 IMG_0510 IMG_0581 IMG_0584 copy

Hype my look on lookbook here, if you like! smile

PS. I’m thinking of maybe doing a DIY bow tie post for my next entry.
PPS. Might sell these rings. Tell me if you’d want one! smile
Thanks to Joey Alvero for these photos!