Three Layers

Wednesday, 22nd February 2012

Almost done posting it all! Just 1 more day to go after this! Whew! Haha! I just feel the need to finish posting these photos. :))

You can’t really tell from these photos, but I was actually wearing three layers for this look. That’s how freezing cold it was! You’d think three layers are enough, but I was still cold around night time!

I wore my basic white sleeveless top (Can’t help but wear it again and again. It’s such a basic and versatile layering piece!), my black and tan polo top, and my new favourite sweater. I’ve been looking for burgundy pants like this one for a while now. Glad I found one in HK!

1 copy 2 collar 3 4 shoes
nails P1200142 copy P1200147 copy P1200159 copy P1200164 copy P1200143 copy P1200165 copy P1200168 copy P1200178 copy P1200180 copy P1200181 copy P1200189 copy P1200195 copy P1200206 copy P1200215 copy P1200216 copy P1200218 copy P1200225 copy P1200226 copy P1200227 copy P1200228 copy P1200231 copy P1200253 copy P1200237 copy

Thanks for reading! Have a happy almost weekend! heart