Saturday, 13th December 2014

Neon Island


Is it actually hot or cold? Judging from my outfit, you wouldn’t really know. Haha! This is as layered up as I could possibly get living in a tropical country. Neon Island top | Sunnies Studios sunglasses | River Island …

Saturday, 6th December 2014

Out of the Blue


Out of the blue because this shoot was pure serendipity and because of the color of my skirt. Can you believe it was raining a few minutes before we took these photos? Cruella & Co skirt | Zara heels | …

Saturday, 8th November 2014



Sometimes, all you need are clinical pieces in classic cuts. Lately, I’ve had a thing for understated dressing. Just nice pieces with minimal-ish accessories. I think it’s such an elegant way of dressing. To take away from the simplicity of …